AdventureAngle Communities

There’s an Angle for You
AdventureAngle Mindset Perspective Coaching Communities

Be epically you. Embrace each day as an adventure. Cultivate and practice resilience. Don’t lose your wonder. 

AdventureAngle exists to help “Everyday Adventurers” and “Extreme Adventurers” be Epically You, embracing each area of life at each area of life from an AdventureAngle. AdventureAngle Communities will provide adventure based mindset and perspect coaching in a community context. There will be weekly Zoom calls and a Slack Community, with access to the other sub-communities. There will be regular prompts and recommendations throughout the week, with revisions based upon the needs of the community.

Although you’ll choose which category you identify with the most, you’ll still be able to access the other groups on Slack. The strength of the program is not only Mindset Training, but the ability to gain perspective from others.

The cost will be $197/month. Additionally there will be extra bonuses.

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