It is safe to say that an incredible amount of value has been lost due to dreams deferred, fears that paralyze, or by living the stories of other individuals or organizations instead of our own. There are literally templates for everything from career plans, liffe plans, business plans, the perfect relationship trajectory, etc. There’s just one problem. One big problem, those were other people’s journeys, other organizations paths… not yours.

The individuals, companies or non-profits that have shaken society weren’t the ones following the trails. They were the ones blazing the trails. 

AdventureAngle exists to remind individuals and companies, both driven by vision, that there’s another angle, or perspective through which to view the world. 

Why the weird name? Well, why shouldn’t we want adventure? The devotion has two basic concepts— an exciting or remarkable experience and an element of risk or danger. 

Those times in life when we’ve really felt alive, whether pursuing a romance, traveling or summiting a mountain, they all encountered risk. It’s because when there’s risk, there’s also the other side of that coin, opportunity, possibility, untold treasure. 

AdventureAngle was founded to bring the sense of adventure and exploration back, in a world full of predictability and risk mitigation. We’re here for those different thinkers—those who have always wanted to go further, higher, maybe off the traditional path.

By embracing environments of nature, AdventureAngle goes back to the true sense of exploration, the wilderness, the last frontier without WiFi or paved roads. When we, as individuals or leadership teams, give ourselves the opportunity to get out of the usual routines and pressures, we have the ability to see things differently—and to see possibilities we never before conceived.

Who is it for: It’s for the individual is frustrated “trying” the status quo approaches to self improvement. We don’t have the perfect plan for you—we help you develop a determination, and belief in yourself so that you develop a high-performance level of resilience to withstand any personal or professional challenge or crisis. 

Think of it as a real life simulation. Because we can’t anticipate what life will throw at us, it is necessary for our training to also have unknowns. That’s usually where the issue is. Concepts, principles, can make sense to us in the absence of extreme pressure, fatigue and a world of unknowns. That’s why we’ll throw you into a challenging situation with unknowns intentionally to better understand together how you respond so you can develop that tested resolve in the woods or mountains before you need it in your relationships or in the boardroom.

AdventureAngle helps:

  1. WHO: individuals who are not willing to stay where they are (personally, professionally or both)…
  2. Those who have experienced a significant life transition, loss, trauma, and want to embrace a strategy that literally gets their heads out of the current environment
  3. TO: Step back from the world/environments/pressures that currently define them — and focus on training for and accomplishing an epic physically challenging adventure in a wilderness environment… (while simultaneously evaluating current assumptions, thought patterns)
  4. SO THAT: The individual proves to themselves (and their brains) that they are capable of things they didn’t think they could do to unlock their ability to dream about what else in their life could be different if they practiced that same level of resilience and consistency in showing up in other areas of their life

OUTCOME: AdventureAngle then coaches the client to identify a specific challenge in each key area  they want to see transformation in and develop a disciplined plan to get there. AdventureAngle walks with you until you reach a summit in your story where you can see what else you want to accomplish. At that point, the individual is prepared to face anything in the valleys of life because they know that they are resilient and they have developed a habit of thinking, ok what are the next actions I need to take — instead of spiraling into fear.